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What is tact?

It is one thing to communicate, but it is another thing to communicate tactfully. If the end goal is to communicate tactfully, we have to understand what tact is.

Tact is the art of communicating diplomatically, with skill and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult situations.

In a professional environment, communicating effectively can often be interrupted by a feud you have with a colleague, a complicated relationship with your manager, or restricted opportunities to share new ideas. Traits of empathy, consideration and respect easily fly out the window when your patience is tested. That is why tact is important.

Don't confuse tact with pleasing everyone, because that in itself is impossible. Tact has the foundation of respect, because, how else can you communicate with sensitivity and consideration? If you struggle with respecting others, then I guess this is the time to put in the ground work. You will never master tactful communication without respect. So, make a cup of coffee and do some self-reflection right now if that's a department you struggle with.

Now that you understand what tact is, you're ready to hit this professional communication journey with me. Hang on, its going to be quite a ride!


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