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Protecting your personal brand

My first exposure to social media was in 2007 - Facebook and MySpace. I was in grade 9 when I created my first social media profile. With no manual to refer to, I got to know the platforms by clicking here and there. Social media did not play a massive role in my life, but there was so much excitement in me as I dropped my school bag on the floor in my room in the afternoon, and powered up the computer.

It was a whole different world - one where I could control what I wanted people to know about me. Never did I think that social media would be the beast that it is today. Careers are built from one moment that goes viral, and one’s success or downfall is one tweet, comment or photo away. With that being said, you have a brand to protect - one that others may not ever come across or even know - YOU.

Your online footprint says a lot about you, and even when you think your old social media posts are out of sight and mind, someone will find a way to bring them back when you least expect it.

So, how do you maintain your personal brand online? My eBook will address some factors to take into account, including the following:

  • establishing your online presence

  • mindful posting practices

  • online crisis management

Go ahead and download the new eBook for free. Click here.


Jul 03

Thank u!


Jul 03

GIRL - We are spoilt with free resources!!!!

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