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Back to work. Back to reality.

The festive season is over. How do we know that? There are two telling signs – my bank balance and the fact that I have returned to work.

It’s back to those pretentious “happy new year, just a reminder to send through that document we said we would pick up on this year” emails, AND hearing about our colleagues’ holidays until our ears bleed.

For some of you, going back to work will be quite an anxious process, while some of you may be quite keen to get back into the swing of things. Either way, we may have lost some of our work survival tactics in the festive season, and we just need a refresher. Below, are some work reminders to help us settle down at work.

1. Respect your colleagues

It is tempting to get back to your place of work and block out everyone for the sake of your own sanity, and while that may be alright, don’t lose respect. Maintain respect for your colleagues at all times, even if you’re still holding a grudge from 2022 - fix that, though, please .

2. Be patient with yourself and your colleagues

A new year comes with re-learning things you may have forgotten during the festive season, like your laptop password and how to book meetings. Getting back into the swing of things can take a while, and this is where patience runs thin. Be patient with yourself and be even more patient with your colleagues. The festive season may have not been all that merry for everyone, so sprinkle some patience dust on yourself in January.

3. If possible, request an extension

Some of us left projects incomplete before the year ended. It may be a bit difficult to round those up right now. If you see that you may need an extension on some deadlines, please request that. I am not guaranteeing that it will be accepted, but it is worth a request.

4. Bring your own lunch to work

January has 3 months in it, so don’t waste money at the canteen. Bring your own lunch and save that change for other things, because when it rains, it pours.


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